Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bad Composition Drawing

For drawing class we had to create a composition that breaks all the rules of good composition, made up of sketches we did of objects we wouldn't normally draw. I flipped through a couple of National Geographics and sketched a wackload of random things.

The composition turned out really awkward, so I hope this is what the prof is looking for.

The bones are my favourite.


  1. I really like the composition on this piece. For serial.

    It's odd, I get a very "urban" feel from this whole thing. I wonder what our art would look like if we grew up in a non-industrialized world.

    Good job :)

  2. Thanks! You're right, it really does have an urban feel to it, especially from the 1980s style family car and sofa chair (imo). My drawing prof thought it looked like findings from an archaeological dig in a post apocalyptic world. I thought that was really interesting.

    I was kind of drawing things at random from my NGs but they all actually fit together.